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Sep 24 2018

Well, Christ.

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Another Great Show
Sep 24 2018

This weekend, I had one of the best shows ever. It really was.

I'll tell you about it later, okay?

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Sep 23 2018

Here's the one you want.

It's really amazing.

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This Sucks
Sep 23 2018

I do not know why.

But it does.

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All The Stuff You Love In One Spot
Jul 20 2018

Howdy! I'm Rick Barr, owner of Barr26 Entertainment. It’s a one-stop shop for all of my business endeavors, which include live music, songwriting, voice overs, media production, and a host of other things. I’m putting together this blog and the web site at Barr26.COM to make it easier for my   ....Read full post

May 18 0005

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Barr26 Entertainment LLC encompasses a wide variety of professional services including live music performances, voice overs, multimedia production, and more.


BARR26 Entertainment
449 Hances Dr
Blacklick, OH 43004