Skills: Event booking, Managing budgets, Negotiating fees, Social media engagement, Networking

There are a lot of things that go into building a successful entertainment venue. Booking and promoting the talent can be very time consuming, almost a full-time job. Outsourcing all or parts of those tasks can relieve pressure on management, resulting in a smooth-running operation.


Central Ohio is rich with an extremely eclectic music scene. There are many talented musicians who are experts in just about every genre, from rock, folk, and country, to hip-hop, jazz, R&B, and much more. I've been fortunate to encounter several hundred musicians through the open MICs I host, events I've performed in, and good old fashioned networking. I can work closely with you to understand your business, what you're looking to do, and how best to provide you with the best talent available.

I can handle the scouting and scheduling for all of your live music. I’ll schedule musicians and bands based on your specific needs, within your budget, with a guarantee on professionalism and high-quality entertainment. I will also be the primary contact for the musicians, so distractions on your end are kept to a minimum. Contact me to get started!


I will promote your live music events on all of the top social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, and Yelp. You probably already have accounts for some of these, but if you don't have a focused approach to utilizing them, they may not be doing much good. You may choose which platform you prefer to promote on. If you prefer to use just one, or split between any of the six, that is completely up to you. Here's some details on each of these services.

One of the most commonly used, ubiquitous social media services in the world, Facebook can provide you with a wide reach of prospective patrons to communicate with. But, for as easy as it is to create a post and hit 'send', there's more to it if you really want to make the most out of it.

  • Customization - You've got the page set up for your business. There's a logo, maybe a couple of pictures. So, you've done the basics, but let's take a closer look, and see if improvements can be made.
  • Targeted posts - You can easily post an update about new menu items and upcoming events, but how effective are them? I'll ensure all efforts to engage your audience produce maximum benefits.
  • Facebook Ads - Facebook provides a way to purchase ads and set up campaigns through its' Ad Manager. They can range from the extremely simple, posts that get blasdted out the the public, to specific targeting, utilizing specific objectives such as traffic, brand awareness, lead generation, and much more.

    The cost of running ads and campaigns varies quite a bit. From the simplest ads at $5/week, to extensive campaigns that run for specific lengths of time, there are many ways to go about it.
  • Going beyond getting "Likes" - Facebook has an extremely sophisticated array of algorithms and tools that provide us with great analytical data. Yes, watching the likes on a post can be fun, and certainly does allow you to gague its general popularity....but we can dig deeper so you have a better understanding of why that picture of your newest craft beer is getting more attention than most.
  • Creating compelling content - You may already be taking great photos that you share regularly, which is great, and necessary. If I'm helping you with your posts and engagement, you may simply want to send me your photos so I can manage them. Or, we can set up a time for me to visit so we can work on creating that content togtether.
  • Contests and promotions - These can be a really fun way to get people involved. There are many types of contests, including photo-vote, caption, sweepstakes, and more. Fundraisers can also be very effective at bringing attention to your business, and also shows that you're involved in the community that you're serving.

Twitter sits solidly in second place behind Facebook in terms of popularity and global use. The one advantage it has over all the other social media platforms is its speed and size. Yes, they recently doubled the character limit to 280, but that's still a fraction of what other channels allow. This leads to easily digestible bits of news that can be absorbed, shared, and liked within seconds.

  • Targeted tweets - Similar to Facebook, you'll get better engagement and followers if you know who your target audience is and how to get your message to them.
  • Following others - It's very important to give as much as you want to get. You want followers, so I'll make sure your account is following the right accounts to ensure we have a good level of reciprocation.
  • Versatility - While it's imperative to talk about your own business, this is a medium that encourages (and thrives on) being able to share and talk about all sorts of things. Sharing others' tweets, engaging in conversations can lend a more personal quality to your brand.

Instagram is all about the images and videos. Its popularity cannot be denied, and it's the one of the easiest platforms to use. You can even link your Instagram account to Facebook and Twitter, so your posts here automatically get posted to those platforms as well. There really are no tricks to using it properly, though the tips from Facebook and Twitter regarding content and engagement definitely apply. I'll ensure that your business is well-represented and, if you're using other platforms, that there is continuity between all of them.

Pinterest is similar to the other social media platforms in terms of sharing content, but it has very unique qualities. You'll be posting images, yes, but you can also create collages, or "boards" on specific topics. You can also share videos, blog posts, and other content. You can have multiple boards, and write comments on each post. Pinterest really excels when it comes to telling a story about a product or offering, through image-drive content. You can also connect your Pinterest account to Facebook and Twitter.

YouTube was essentially a primitive form of social media before there even was such a thing. There's no surprises here, this video sharing service is known around the globe, and is king of its domain. You may not think you have anything worthy of making a video for, but let's take a look at the possibilities. Having content on YouTube can be very beneficial in search engine results, since Google owns YouTube.

Yelp is currently the most popular web site for reviewing businesses. It definitely pays to leverage it to your advantage. Starting with a strong business profile, which can include images and descriptions, is key. But the reviews and ratings is where it's at, and the fact that you can respond to users' reviews and comments is often an under-utulized feature. I'll help get your profile off the ground (or enhanced, if you already have one), and make sure you have strong engagement with the public.


I'll handle the booking and scheduling of your live entertianment and social media engagements.


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