"Good" audio can mean all kinds of things, as can "bad" audio. It's a very subjective thing. Sure, there can be very obvious issues, particularly with old audio on cassette tapes, or something recorded on a cell phone in a less than ideal environment. Either way, if you have audio that you want to sound "better", send me a message. We'll go over what you're looking to have done, whether it be a simple conversion to digital, or a restoration. I'll handle your physical copies with care and will reproduce your audio in digital format. I can perform a simple conversion or a full cleanup, removing line noise and other artifcats.

Some typical sound issues are:

  • Tape hiss
  • Pops and clicks
  • Background noise
  • Electronic interference
  • Clipping

The goal of audio repair is to remove as many problem spots as we can without affecting the "good" parts. For instance, if you have a cassette tape from the 80s or 90s of your band practicing and the tape is so worn that the constant hiss is more prominent than the music, or if there are imperfections on the tape that create that "squealy" sound, those are the things I can help remove. Or, at the very least, reduce them to the point that they are no longer distractions. Every tape or other piece of audio is different, and after listening to it, I'll let you know how much I can help. Some audio may be too damaged to fix completely, but in most cases, we can make significant improvements.

Sample #1

This is from a cassette recording in 1977. As expected, there is a lot of background hiss. It would be virtually impossible to completely eliminate it without affecting the voices in a negative way. But, as you can hear, I was able to make significant improvements.


Sample #2

This audio clip was recorded on an iPhone at a live show. The crowd is loud, which is fine, but the overall sound is very muddy, with no dynamics. Plus, at several points, there are some loud static sounds (at the :16 mark). I was able to remove the static and create an overall sound that highlighted the "live" aspects of the music.


Sample #3

This is a studio recording done on tape several decades ago. The digital copy I received had been through at least three transfers to other cassettes over the years which, along with degrading the quality each time, ended up speeding up the whole song. I was asked to do what I could to improve the overall quality and slow it down a touch, along with lowering the pitch.


Sample #4

Here's a couple snippets from a cassette tape, recorded in 1992. The audio was transferred to a PC via standard audio cables from a tape deck to an 1/8 jack in a sound card. In the original, you'll hear exactly what you would expect; failry poor quality, a flat sound with no "oomph". But also, we have a couple of odd skips at the eight-second mark. I was able to fix the skips and make the overall sound more listenable.




"I had Barr26 Entertainment enhance some old band audio that I had with the same outstanding results. One was from 1980 and was a copy of a copy of a copy, so it had lost good sound quality & the singing sounded like the Chipmunks. What I got back from Rick, was a great sounding track with the voices at the correct speed.

The other recording was of my band that was recorded live in 1999 at a noisy bar with the sound somewhat distorted. Again, Barr26 Entertainment returned to me that same recording, but with better sound and less distortion.

Thank You Barr26 Entertainment, for all of your outstanding services!"
- Peter Conrad

"I had presented Barr26 Entertainment with video of a live performance shot with my iPhone. The audio quality wasn't very good at all, but they were able to correct some serious issues and enhance the quality to the point where I'm now using that audio to book shows!" - Stevie Cade


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