Your memories of loved ones, special events, ..... I'll take great care in restoring faded photos to their original vibrance. If you have a damaged photo, there are many ways we can fix almost any issue. Or, if you simply need to back up your physical property by having it digitized, I can offer very affordable rates with bulk options.


These photos had mainly general enhancements done. Brightening, making the colors pop, and some sharpening. There is also some repair work done in each of these, but it was fairly minor. Each would be considered a Basic service.

This photo from the 1980s has typical fading and some other disfigurements. Those are fixed here.

This nearly 50 year-old photo had some severe creases and several other issues. I restored it to its original luster.

The main issue with this photo is the green haze. I removed that, then brightened and sharpened everything, followed by some very small repairs here and there.


Colorizing is a technique that goes as far back as the 1930s, but many of us have photos from as recent as the 1970s that are in black & white. If you want to bring a photo to life with color, I can do so using a variety of techniques that provide different results based on your needs. In some cases, a subtle "wash" of color may be suitable for older portraits for a classic feel. Or, you may want something more vibrant, and striking. See the examples below, and contact me to get started.

In each of the examples below, only colorizing was done, with perhaps a handful of repairs to some imperfections, mainly to smooth them out. This work is considered a Basic service.



You may have some photos have have damage far beyond discoloring or spots. They might be bent, torn, or have other physical issues that you may have thought were unrepairable. However, even these kind of issues can be fixed, as long as you have all of the pieces. Sure, there are sometimes limitations, but you'd be surprised how far we can go in the repair process.

Along with fading and other issues, this picture was broken apart into three pieces. It was printed on cardboard and after nearly 70 years, the pieces simply would not fit together. It took some critical thinking and a lot of "magic", but I was able to restore this image of a friend's grandmother to its original vibrance.

Here's another example of a bunch of issues that needed some TLC. A couple of missing pieces, extreme overexposure of red, and multiple places where the picture was bent. I wasn't able to make the kid smile, but everything else cleaned up nicely!


In addition to the above repairs and customizations, I also provide straight digitization services, taking your physical photos and reproducing them digitally. This is a great way to create backups of your treasured memories, ensuring that you always have them in case something happens to the originals, or the effects of age affect them. All photos will be cropped to size and delivered individully.

There are also different delivery methods. Digital copies can be delivered via e-mail, DropBox, USB Flash Drive, CD, or any other file transfer service. If you would like a physical printed copy, prices will vary depending on photo size and paper type. See rates below!

I can also "posterize" your photos. If you want something way beyond the above restoration and enhancements, maybe applying effects and styles that really transform it, there are a lot of things we can do. You may want to add text or other graphics, or turn the photo into a greeting card, flier, or banner. There are virtually limitless options.



"I gave Barr26 Entertainment two precious photos from my past that were badly damaged. The first photo was from 1950 and was a black & white of my Mother and her friend that was printed on a heavy oval cardboard, was in several pieces and falling apart, each it was handled. Barr26 Entertainment did the impossible and managed to make the photo look whole again! The second photo was of me with Santa at the downtown Lazarus store from about 1958. I was dressed in my Wyatt Earp outfit and was not happy about wearing it, but my Mother insisted. This was a color polaroid photo and was heavily creased, bent, faded and had a piece of my face and ear missing. Once again Rick resorted the photo back to what it had originally looked like, except, I’m still frowning!

I highly recommend Barr26 Entertainment for their photo restoration services."
- Peter Conrad


Photo enhancement & repair, video production, banners, fliers, and much more.


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