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Starting a career in anything can be a daunting task. You generally have to get some education in the field you want to enter, and start at the bottom rung of the ladder. But at least professions like development, clerical, medical assistants, accounting, social services, etc provide jobs with a certain amount of pay and steady (at least somewhat, if you're part-time) hours.

Not so much for musicians. This can extend to other areas of the entertainment industry too, but for those talented folks looking to make money doing what they love, it's not just about starting at the lowest rung; you basically have to build the ladder yourself.

There's a lot involved from getting on stage at your first open MIC to playing paid gigs regularly, whether you're a solo performer or in a band. I want to get to know you, find out about your musical background, your playing/singing style, and your ultimate ambitions. From there, we can start working on an action plan that includes short and long-term goals.

Here are some of the plans I offer. Contact me here for a free phone call to get started!

  • SINGLE CONSULTATION – I’ll get info on your background, musical experience, and goals for the future. We’ll delve into your specific playing/singing style and discuss which type of venues and equipment would be the best fit for you.

  • COMPREHENSIVE CONSULTATION - This four-step course will arm you with the tools you need to effectively promote yourself and start booking shows at venues. Generally, they will be structured as:

    #1 – Much the same as a single consultation – information gathering and general suggestions on venues and equipment

    #2 – We’ll go to an open MIC, where I’ll record your performance. We’ll review your performance and critique it together to identify the positives and negatives, what’s working well, and opportunities for improvement.

    #3 – I’ll take the best material from that open MIC performance OR use footage you already have, and turn it into a professional demo that you can use to send to venues. You’ll get up to three individual MP3s or video files, as well as a mashup of three of your best songs.

    #4 – We’ll talk specifically about how to approach venues, how to market yourself in person and online, drilling down to the minute details. This will include mock phone calls where I’ll act as the venue. You’ll hear many of the initial responses you’ll likely to encounter in the real world, and we’ll discuss how to react to them.

  • PERFORMANCE CRITIQUE – I’ll come out to an open MIC that you’re performing at to listen, watch, and provide feedback. I’ll take a look at everything, from equipment and technique, to on-stage mannerisms and crowd engagement.


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